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What to Expect when you come to All Saints
The will be a selection of things available for the Summer, including a series of short talks from Mark called "Why Church?"
Monica will be speaking from Acts 6 and 7. Come, pause and pray with us and allow God to restore your soul.
New Wine's annual summer conference is online again this year and is free!
Please join Sarah Couchman at the kitchen table for this week's Sanctuary service.
Good news, the government has spoken and lockdown ends on Monday! Bad news, the Church of England has not yet confirmed anything!
Not happening tonight due to isolation.
Jo has been working for All Saints for the last seven years, but has decided not to return in September
A brief statement on what is happening with the scout hall.
Resources to help you and your group discover God's heart.
We will be writing to a number of people over the weekend to invite them to interview via zoom on Thursday 15th July.
Waiting and Witnessing. Church Live is primarily online, but do come and join us in person if you would like.