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Fitness DVD         

Arthur Perdicchia and All Saints Church have teamed up in order to provide a much needed exercise DVD, which can be used  to maintain fitness and mobility during the current COVID 19 national restrictions.

Please watch the one minute promotional video above.

Regular exercise is important, so by doing these exercises three to four times a week or even daily if you can you will become fitter and more able to function well in your daily life.
This DVD contains an introduction from Arthur, information on preparation before exercise and then both a 20 minute seated exercise session and also a 20 minute standing exercise session. It's easy to follow with plenty of explanation from Arthur on every routine.

You can buy the DVD here or phone or email for more information.
Video Production: Gary Oaten,  All Saints Church, Weston, Bath, BA1 4BX.
©2020 Arthur Perdicchia
RRP. £9.99 (order tel: 01225 470171 or email)
Concept 65 Fitness DVD Mobifle
For more news or any information into Arthur’s services, please visit his website and also follow him on Facebook and Twitter. If you are benefitting from using this DVD then please let him know by email