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Rose Cottage

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Situated on the High Street, right in the heart of Twerton, Bath, Rose Cottage Community Hub was built in the 1830s as a gift to St Michael’s Church.

Since then it has served as a residence for churchwardens, parish officers and curates. In the 1990s, the ground floor of Rose Cottage was converted into a Community Centre and the Centre dramatically expanded its work in the community.

Today, Rose Cottage Community Hub is an organisation which intentionally seeks to be an agent of change and facilitator of community cohesion. Rose Cottage Community Hub offers services and opportunities which support the development and quality of life of people living in Twerton and surrounding areas.

We do this by operating a community cafe and garden; running family-specific events to encourage healthy family life; making rooms available for hire; acting as a signpost to other service providers; providing opportunities for people to volunteer and by operating a Foodbank distribution centre.

Find out more about Rose Cottage here. 
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