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Sanctuary Service for Sunday (18/07) 

Please join Sarah Couchman at the kitchen table for this week's Sanctuary service. As we continue our journey through the story of the early church, as found in the book of Acts, Mark will open up a story which starts with a dispute over the dining table, and talks from Acts chapter six about solving the practical problems within community life. How we're all called to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and how there are no superior or lower tasks. He concludes by inviting all of us to step up to the challenges of this new season especially in the areas of children and youth ministry. We are all to be kingdom waiters. Please watch this video, produced by New Wine, that covers one aspect of our community living - 'Leading in a racialised world'

Some young adults who work and serve in hospitality will bring our readings and our prayers are inspired by reflections from guests and helpers at our Welcome Cafe at the Weston Hub. Do join us, you're invited .....