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Discover God's Heart - Resources 

Following Jesus is really not complicated. He invites us into daily habits that lead to transformed living.  One of those habits is to read the bible and in doing so the Holy Spirit shows us God's heart and we get to join in. As we come out of lockdown wouldn't it be great if we could discover God's heart afresh for us and for our community.

Cathy and Rick James, Peter Heywood, Emma Miles and Nelson Kenneth are very generously going to help us on this adventure, based on learning from churches around the world, as well as the UK.

The first part is going to be simply called discover God's heart, and we're going to be inviting as many people as possible to be looking at God's word and seeing how he calls us to join with him in reconciling all things to himself. It is not about finding a new project for us to do but more about seeing God's heart afresh and joining in as he calls us into community.

Below you will find the introduction video, the first zoom orientation, a bible study intro video and the bible studies themselves. The studies are best done in a small group and with the purpose of seeking life transformation, rather than just information.

We really encourage you to start now, even in a small way, despite fatigue or summer plans, because we believe God wants us to come together now and maximise this transition time. But you can also pick it up in September if needed. But let’s discover God's heart together and come out of lockdown walking united, more faithful and outward looking.

To get in contact with a member of the team, register your group or get help finding a a group please use the form at the end of this page.

Introduction video


Training video


Bible study intro

Bible studies

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