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APCM Reports and Videos 

We had a wonderful APCM (Annual meeting) on Monday 10th May. About 60 people joined in via zoom. We heard reports and took the time to prayer for people and circumstances throughout the meeting.

Paddy Gleave and Peter Ward were re-elected as Churchwardens.

We said thank you to those whose terms have come to an end or who have stepped down early:

  • Hannah Pearson (stepped down in Nov 2020 - not in 2011 as Mark states in the video below)
  • Chris Chatfield - retired after long service on the PCC, he continues as Health and Safety Officer as well as Chair of CCMG
  • Jo Lewis - completed 3 year term
  • James Couchman - stepping down from PCC and as vice chair

We also elected the following:

  • Kevin Hurley (re-elected)
  • Mike Everson (re-elected)
  • Vera Podger
  • Pam Wendzina
  • Derek Hall
  • Nathan Ward

This means that the PCC for 2021 consists of the following people:

  • Mark Searle - Rector
  • Patrick Gleave - Churchwarden
  • Peter Ward - Churchwarden and Deanery Synod
  • Tom Peryer - Reader
  • Pippa Page - Deanery Synod and Reader
  • Clive Kennet - Deanery Synod
  • Hylton Aspen - Deanery Synod
  • Andrew Baines
  • Derek Hall
  • Kevin Hurley
  • Michael Everson
  • Robert Groezinger
  • Robin Lewis
  • Sarah Gleave
  • Vera Podger
  • Nathan Ward
  • Pam Wendzina
Non Voting Members
  • Judith Everson - PCC Secretary
  • Rob Gray - Treasurer
Please pray for each of us as we seek first the Kingdom of God in every area of our shared lives together.

You can find the signed Trustees report and Financial Statements here. 

Rectors Report - Mark Searle


Treasurers Report - Rob Gray