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Let's pray for our heroes 

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You may have heard that what was clap the NHS has now become clap for heroes, and it's kicking off again on Thursday evenings at 8pm.

I'd like to suggest that, as well as showing our support in that way, we go step further as a praying community here in Weston. Let's pray at 7.45pm each and every Thursday.

We pray for 15 minutes leading up to the big clap, we pray for our local hospital the RUH, the big district hospital right in the midst of our community. And as God leads you to pray, whether it's for the patients, whether it's for a doctor or a nurse known to you, whether it's for the buildings, for the whole hospital, for your GP surgery, for those who are going out to vaccinate people, for whoever is God puts on your heart, I'm going to suggest that we pray on Thursday at 7.45pm-8pm.

So please join with me whether you stand up and physically, turn your face towards the hospital remaining seated - it really doesn't matter. But for that 15 minutes before people actually go outside to clap. please pray because they need our prayers. Let's pray for the people who throughout this time are sacrificially, day in, day out, taking care of us.

It doesn't just have to be Thursday. So of course, it says in Thessalonians be joyful always pray continually give thanks in all circumstances. But this is a particular way in which we can all join together to pray so hopefully be with you in spirit on Thursday evening at 7.45pm.

Thank you. Bless you. 

Mark Searle, 12/01/2021