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Church Live Tickets (available on Friday mornings at 9am)

We are starting to relaunch our Sunday services. A limited number of in person tickets will be released each Friday mornings 9am. These will be for Adults and 7+ accompanied by an adult. You need to sign up using links below. (Page is automatically refreshed each week)

Sanctuary will continue to be available on Youtube. We are looking at how we can make this an in person event as well.

We anticipate that children’s groups will begin on Sunday 13th Sept. Initially there will be four groups of children who’s parents will receive an invite for sign up at the start of each week so that they can attend that weekend. Parents will also need to sign up that week. Children’s and families on line provision will continue and will follow the in person provision. 

Look forward to seeing you in person or online on Sunday at 11am.

Sign up using links below:

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