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Weston Hub 

When we took over running Weston Hub at the start of 2018, we immediately saw the benefits of being as eco friendly as possible as we thought about the refurbishment that we wanted to undertake.

The new light fittings that we've put into every room in the Hub are low energy LED units and this includes the strip lights. In many of the rooms we have also fitted dimmers, so the light levels can be adjusted depending on how the room is being used.
We have completely changed the electric heating system from the old storage radiators to a new generation high efficiency  electric system. We control this system remotely and the temperatures are all pre-set on an app and can be tailored exactly to our bookings.

We are very pleased to have teamed up with Bath Share and Repair and we now host the 'Library of Things' and 'Repair Cafe' at the Hub, which are really sustainable initiatives.

Some time ago we teamed up with the FareShare Foodcloud that partners with Tesco's and we now take the unsold food from Tesco at the end of the day and make it available to people in the community via our drop in times at the Hub.

Toybox Library was already running at the Hub before we took it on and we are very pleased that they have continued and are offering a quality service where parents can call in and borrow toys (often larger items) rather than purchase them themselves.

We do our best to ensure that our customers segregate their waste and recycle as much as possible. We currently recycle the following: paper, cardboard, plastics, tins, bottles, batteries, light bulbs, food waste, textiles. We also collect biscuit wrappers and food pouches for a local charity.